the projects

sticky labels:

  •  once you’ve removed the sticky labels from the envelope you can stick them to the page (and each other) to create 3D textures
  • they are a great material for making an interactive surface which also makes a sound when you run your hand across it
  • this video shows you how can create a simple surface, inspired by my own textile designs

view finders:

  •  remove the view finder page from the binder
  • choose a subject, this could be your garden, a city skyline or a bowl of fruit
  • using one of the view finder shapes, hold it in front of the subject, this will give you a ‘border’ allowing you to capture the image within it
  • you can draw the shape of the viewfinder on your paper/canvas/notebook, it will help to give you reference points

paper weaving: 

  •  coming soon!


  •  using this ready-made texture, you can create a picture and explore the tactile qualities – can a friend work out what you’ve drawn when their eyes are closed?
  • using another sheet of paper and a simple pencil, or even some charcoal, you can use it as a base to take a rubbing


  •  coming soon!

push-out sequins:

  •  a very quick look behind the scenes at the lair-cutting of my first trial cut of the sequins page

sticky notes:

  •  this little video might seem obvious, but it’s full of positives!
  •  and this one is all about textures

printing with junk:

  •  coming soon!


  •  coming soon!


  •  coming soon!

print blocks:

  • open up the envelope to discover some basic printing tools
  • follow this video guide and print your own patterns


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